Children’s Saving Accounts

Children’s Savings Accounts (CSA) initiatives automatically enroll Michigan students into postsecondary education savings accounts. Students engage with accounts through in-school financial education and other activities to connect account ownership with performance and engagement in school. Long-term, CSA promotes academic achievement and college completion. CEDAM supports Michigan-based CSA initiatives through one-on-one technical assistance.

View our Children’s Savings Accounts Overview and Children’s Savings Accounts Model Components for more information about CSAs. For more on the Michigan CSA Network’s framework to expand CSA programs across the state, check out the Invest in Success report.

There are fifteen CSA initiatives in Michigan:

Click here for a map of Michigan’s CSA communities.

If your organization is interested in learning more about CSA, join the Michigan Children’s Savings Account Network. MI CSA Network is a group of community foundations, nonprofits, and local governments that meet to discuss the future growth and development of CSA programs in Michigan and share knowledge and best practices, and receive technical assistance from CEDAM. Joining the Network is free, and meetings are quarterly. For more information, please email Brian Rakovitis or call him at 517.485.3588 ext. 1942.

Michigan-based CSAs in the news: