Luke Forrest

Executive Director

Luke has dedicated most of his professional career to assisting and advocating on behalf of Michigan’s communities. Since he joined CEDAM in 2019,…more.

Rachel Diskin

Associate Director & Chief Talent Officer

As CEDAM’s associate director & chief talent officer, Rachel works with organizations across the state to build…more

Ben Dowd

Associate Director & Chief Operating Officer

Ben is the current president of the Old Town Commercial Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to…more.

Jessica AcMoody

policy Director

Jessica has more than 13 years of experience in state and federal legislative policy and advocacy. For the past nine years, she has directed state and…more.

Alexander Arcari

MI Healthy Climate Corps Program Coordinator

As MHC Corps program coordinator, Alexander serves as the first point of contact for the day-to-day functions of…more.

Rebekah Cathey

Executive Assistant

As executive assistant, Rebekah supports our executives, board of directors, and program staffmore

Shate'ja Curry

Community Development Fellowship Manager

As the Community Development Fellowship program manager, Shate’ja manages the day-to-…more.

Teresa Gillotti

Real Estate Program Specialist

As the part-time real estate program specialist, Teresa supports the regional leads working onmore

Melvin Henley

MI Mobility Fellows Program Manager

As the MI Mobility Fellows Program Manager, Melvin is working with partners to develop the program, leading recruitment of host…more

Shawn Hunter

Director of Member Engagement

As membership & events manager, she worked towards improving membership communication and benefits, fostering relationships between member organizations…more.

Jennifer Lareau-Gee

Communications Specialist

As CEDAM’s communications specialist, Jennifer is responsible for the implementation and management ofmore

Madeleine March-Meenagh

Manager of Sustainability & Evaluation

As the manager of sustainability & evaluation, Madeleine manages the day-to-day operations of our economic…more

Sharanya Pai

Policy Manager

As a policy manager, Sharanya implements CEDAM’s policy and government relations agendas, coordinates and…more

Maria Paton

AmeriCorps Program Coordinator

As CEDAM’s AmeriCorps program coordinator, Maria supports CEDAM’s AmeriCorps Members during their service tomore

Sandy Pearson

Real Estate Program Manager

As the real estate program manager, Sandy oversees all aspects of CEDAM’s real estate development work, including…more.

Brian Rakovitis

Director of Economic Inclusion
As the director of economic inclusion, Brian oversees the execution of CEDAM’s economic inclusion (EI) work which aims to…more.

Emily Reyst

Director of Communications & Training

Emily supports and engages with our members by promoting their projects
and accomplishments; develops capacity…more.

Magdalena Rivera

Economic Inclusion Program Coordinator

As the economic inclusion program coordinator, Maggi supports and coordinates the…more

Patrick Seick

AmeriCorps Program Manager

As the AmeriCorps program manager, Patrick is responsible for all program development and management, ensuring...more

Tara Smalley

Grants & Contracts Coordinator

As the Grants & Contracts Coordinator, Tara supports the development of new processes and Standard Operating Procedures…more

Angel Squalls

Climate Corps Program Manager

Angel manages the MI Healthy Climate Corps (MHC Corps) program, a new initiative and partnership with...more

Sarah Teater

Director of capacity building

As director of capacity building, Sarah oversees the management of CEDAM’s statewide capacity building programs: CEDAM’s…more

Shara Washington

Membership Engagement Coordinator

As the Member Engagement Coordinator, Shara plays a key role in implementing and executing membership engagement initiatives…more