Why Community Development matters

CEDAM Michigans Neighborhood Communities

What is Community Development?

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT is local revitalization work carried out by nonprofit community development organizations.

Why does it matter?

Community development organizations and advocates work to ensure Michigan has a strong and resilient economy that benefits all of its residents, built upon prospering and equitable urban neighborhoods and rural communities throughout the state.

CEDAM believes in the following principles:

  • Principle 1:
    The ultimate beneficiaries of the work are residents of Michigan’s neighborhoods and rural communities.
  • Principle 2:
    All perspectives and points of view are important and should be respected, even when disagreements occur.
  • Principle 3:
    Public-private partnerships can leverage more support for our local communities and will benefit everyone.
  • Principle 4:
    Expansion of programs that increase capacity for locally-based community economic development organizations should be pursued.
  • Principle 5:
    Existing and future policies should advance racial equity and inclusion.