Media Inquiries

Press & Media: If you know the CEDAM staff member with whom you would like to connect, please see the contact information below. For all general inquiries, please contact Emily Reyst, Director of Communications & Training. 

Community Economic Development Association of Michigan

  • Luke Forrest, Executive Director
  • (517) 210-7431

Communications & Real Estate Development

  • Emily Reyst, Director of Communications & Training
  • (517) 210-5936

Children’s Savings Accounts & Economic Inclusion initiatives

  • Brian Rakovitis, Director of Economic Inclusion
  • (517) 210-7887

Policy & Rural Partners of Michigan

  • Jessica AcMoody, Policy Director
  • (517) 210-7723

Michigan Economic Impact Coalition

  • Madeleine March-Meenagh, Manager of Sustainability & Evaluation
  • (517) 210-7850

AmeriCorps & Community Development Fellowship

  • Sarah Teater, Director of Capacity Building
  • (517) 210-7542

CEDAM Brand Guideline

The CEDAM logo and all affiliated program logos are copyrighted and require permission before use. Please contact Emily Reyst if you need a specific file size and type.

Emily Reyst
Director Communications & Training

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