Update Your CEDAM Profile

Even if you are not a CEDAM member, if you get emails from us or have registered for an event, you have a profile. Log in below to update your contact information, change your email preferences or pay an invoice.

  • Update your email preferences: Click Edit Profile. Update Email Interests. Save.
  • Unsubscribe: Click Email Subscriptions, then click Edit, then uncheck the boxes and click Save. You can unsubscribe from all event notifications (except for events you register for), or for all e-newsletters and announcements sent by CEDAM. Unless you are sure you don’t want ANY emails from CEDAM, we recommend you just change your Email Interests (see above).
  • Change contact information: Click Edit Profile. Update information. Save.
  • Pay an invoice: Click Invoices and Payments. Check the invoices you want to pay, then click Pay Online. You will be taken to a PayPal processing page; please follow the instructions to complete payment. You don’t need a PayPal account.

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