Tax Time Site Materials

Impact Coalition (MEIC)

Tax Time Site Materials

ADVOCACY: Making Earned Income Count Post Cards

These postcards can be handed out to clients so that they can let their state lawmaker know that they have had their taxes completed at a VITA site. Cards may either be mailed by the client, VITA site or given to CEDAM to be hand-delivered. Contact Ross Yednock ( to have printed copies of these cards sent to you or if you have any questions.

MEIC Free Tax Site Postcard (PDF)
MEIC Earned Income Credit Postcard

MARKETING: Client Story Form

Use this client story form to promote and collect stories from your clients. Simply have them fill out the form and then send it back to CEDAM. The client just needs to fill out their contact information and answer the questions to the best of their ability and then read and sign IRS use and disclosure waivers on pages three and four. Or, clients may enter online at You can also promote BOTH free tax preparation and story collection using the MEIC Business Card (contact Ross Yednock – if you want to have copies of either sent to you).

MEIC Promotional businesscard (PDF)
2016 MEIC Story Collection form (with Use & Disclosure) (MS Word)

MARKETING: “You Earned It” Flyer

The following materials have been updated with information regarding the Earned Income Tax Credit for Tax Year 2014. You can download the PDF files and use those at your site, or the MS Word files can be modified to include site specific information. All can be used to market your tax site, a newspaper or bag insert or just posted at your site to provide clients with information regarding the EITC.

MEIC Promotional businesscard (PDF)
EIC-Flyer TY 2015 (PDF)
You-Earned-It-TY 2015 (MS Word Doc)
You-Earned-It-Flyer-SPANISH- TY 2015 (MS Word Doc)

TAXPAYER HANDOUTS: Changes in processing of EITC Returns

These documents explain how recent changes in Congress will impact all federal returns which have either an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). Any refund for a return with either the EITC or ACTC will not be released by the IRS until February 15 at the earliest. The following flyers may be used by volunteers or handed to clients while they are having their taxes prepared.



Tax time is a great time to for people to save, however helping your clients to leverage this opportunity can be difficult. To help facilitate this, Commonwealth promotes the annual Save Your Refund campaign where clients can win money for using Form 8888. For more information and materials that can be used (posted by the waiting area, or given to your clients to read as they wait) at your site, visit the Save Your Refund promotions page.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also has an annual Tax Time Savings initiative, where practitioners can access tools and resources to help promote tax time savings. For more information, go to the CFPB’s Tax Time Savings page.