State & Local Tax Resource Page

The following resources were created by the MEIC for the training of Michigan free tax assistance volunteers. While these resources are free to use and access, we ask that you respect the work of our volunteer members and do not use these training materials for any for-profit use. If you make any changes to these documents (or come up with answers to any of the testing quizzes or supplements), please share them with Brian Rakovitis. If you find value in these resources, we also ask that you consider joining the MEIC. Membership is free and helps support free tax and asset building practitioners and policy in Michigan.

Federal VITA/TCE Training Resources is a page created by Mary Meador from Florida that has links to study guides, the Taxpayer Opportunity Network VITA Train, the Colorado TaxAide Tools page and many more excellent training and resources for volunteers and site coordinators.

2021 SALT Resources

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Michigan SALT Training 101 (Recording)
MEIC SALT 101 2020 (PDF of Slides)

Michigan SALT Training 102 (Recording)
Michigan Basics 102 Entering Data in TaxSlayer (PDF of Slides)
Michigan SALT Training 102 (Recording in TaxSlayer Practice Lab)
Demonstration Return TY19 (PDF of Form)

MEIC presentation (2) (PDF of Slides)
2020 MEIC – Treasury Handout – 11.12.2020 (2) (PDF of Handout)

Impact of COVID-19 on Taxes and Michigan Pension Adjustments (Recording)
COVID-19 Slides Handout (PDF of Slides)
Pension Income Tax Slides Handout (PDF of Slides)
2020 Pension-Retirement chart (PDF)
Schedule 1_Michigan Additions and Subtractions(2019) (PDF of Forms)
MI-1040_Michigan Individual Income Tax Return(2019) (PDF of Form)

Michigan Total Household Resources (THR) and THR Quizzes (Recording)
Michigan THR Slides (PDF of Slides)
THR Quizzes (PDF of Slides)
MI-1040CR_Michgan Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim(2019) (PDF of Form)
MI-1040CR-7_Michigan Home Heating Credit Claim(2019) (PDF of Form)

Michigan City Tax Training
Common Form Video Training (Recording by the Capital Area United Way)
City of Detroit (Link to Dropbox of videos recorded by the Accounting Aid Society)
City Taxes Q&A (Recording)
2019 Detroit City Taxes 01-12-2020 (PowerPoint prepared by Darryl Seim using 2019 TaxSlayer)
2019 MI CITIES 1-13-2020 (PowerPoint prepared by Darryl Seim using 2019 TaxSlayer)
Detroit Income Tax Crib Sheet 1-11-2020 (Excel File prepared by Darryl Seim)

2019 SALT Resources

Resident Tribal Taxes by Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi 2018 (PDF)
Michigan Dept of Treasury PowerPoint 2019 (PDF)
Michigan Department of Treasury Handout I (MS Word)
Michigan Department of Treasury Handout II (MS Word)
Michigan Dept of Treasury Retirement & Pension Benefit Chart 2019 (MS Word)
Total Household Resources PowerPoint from Accounting Aid Society 2019 (PDF)
Total Household Resources Quizzes from Accounting Aid Society 2019 (PDF)
CEDAM Powerpoint (PDF)

Previous City Income Tax (Common Form) Resources

2019 City Common Form Presentation (PDF)
Top 10 Mistakes Filing a City Return (PDF)