MEIC Steering Committee

MEIC Members*


The MEIC is hosted by CEDAM and operates under a Governance Structure (MEIC Governance Structure as of June 6 2014) that was first approved on June 8, 2012. During the annual Learning Exchange, this document is reviewed and may be amended.

MEIC Membership Agreement

Organizations or individuals interested in becoming a member of the MEIC, should download, and fill out, the MEIC Member Memorandum of Agreement (PDF). If you have the authority to sign the MEIC Member Memorandum of Agreement on behalf of your organization or coalition, you may also sign the agreement online.

*Only those organizations that have filled out the MEIC Member Agreement are listed on this page. Other organizations are partners in the MEIC, but have not yet filled out the MEIC Member Agreement. Contact Ross H. Yednock at or downloand the MEIC Member Agreement for more information.