Michigan Economic Impact Coalition (MEIC)


The Michigan Economic Impact Coalition (MEIC) unites individuals, organizations and local initiatives committed to supporting tax credit and asset building opportunities for Michigan families through improved access to free, quality, income tax preparation assistance.

By coming together, members of the MEIC are able to improve outcomes for Michigan families, workers and children by linking free tax preparations services with opportunities to build assets through savings and achieve financial security. MEIC members support tax credits for workers and lower-income families and individuals like the Earned Income Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit and the Home Heating Credit. MEIC membership is diverse and includes free tax preparation service providers, financial educators, asset building practitioners, community-based organizations and collaborations, individuals, government agencies and others interested in helping to financially empower Michigan taxpayers.

Core Goals of the MEIC

  1. Increasing access to free tax assistance and financial empowerment tools and services for Michigan workers
  2. Protecting and expanding tax credits for financially vulnerable individuals
  3. Increasing the capacity of practitioners to provide quality financial empowerment tools and services to their clients