CED/DDA Manager

Website City of Hamtramck

• Functions as the CED/DDA Manager and oversees the day-to-day operations of the CED department, including zoning, planning, and community and economic development activities.
• Works with the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals to provide leadership, technical insight, and recommendations related to planning, zoning, signs, ordinances and the city’s master plan, as well as with the DDA.
• Plans, coordinates and directs the implementation of the city’s business with elected and appointed officials on issues related to community and economic development, planning, zoning, and other relevant topics. Develops, organizes and facilitates on-going comprehensive processes and procedures for current and long range needs to reach goals in the city’s general plan; ensures implementation and enforcement of planning and zoning ordinances.
• Directly undertakes complex city planning and community/economic development work, including tasks related to physical, social, contextual, and economic aspects of the city and its neighborhoods.
• Assist and manages grants related to community and economic development, including working on alternative transportation programs (biking / walking), urban forestry programs and economic development programs.
• Researches regulations and best practices to make recommendations for revision of ordinances to address city needs, and drafts such ordinances as needed.
• Conducts reviews and makes recommendations along with the Building Official, as necessary, on proposed planning, development, and site plans for city permits.
• Provides leadership to a small group of professional and technical workers when necessary.
• Meets with the public, developers, and contractors to discuss development projects; interprets information in city ordinances pertaining to the CED department.
• Works with the local DDA and/or Chamber of Commerce to provide support to existing businesses. Develops and nurtures professional working relationships with business owners and managers and encourages them to locate or expand their operations in the city. Communicates with the City Manager on the status of businesses in the city.
• Conducts public meetings and hearings as needed to solicit public response, provides explanation of policy and project options; educates the public through media, reports, public meetings and presentations.
• Seeks grants for various projects and activities related to CED and other essential needs within the city.
• Assists with the coordination of the Community Development Block Grant program as needed and any other programs necessary for the economic development of the city, including but not limited to housing rehabilitation program; emergency home repair program, etc. Attends hearings, reviews budgets and coordinates with other county and federal officials and agencies as needed.
• Serves as a representative on state and local committees related to CED functions, as needed.
• Provides information to the public regarding development regulations.
• Conducts field surveys, evaluations, assessments and inspections as needed.
• Performs other related duties as required.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Planning (AICP) and/or Economic Development certification is preferred.
• Skill in public relations; making presentations, writing reports and other communication practices.
• Skill in general office management and practices, interpersonal communication, employee supervision, motivation, and the ability to direct the work of others.
• Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of local planning and development; planning, zoning, design and subdivision law, theory and applications; local government structure and operation, including budgetary procedures.
• Experience in grant management related to alternative transportation (ex: Transportation Alternatives Program, MDOT), economic development and/or urban forestry is desirable.
• Considerable knowledge of research methodology and statistics, modern management practices; financial management, banking and real estate practices.
• Cultural competency and ability to work sensitively within a highly diverse community.
• Skill in the comprehension of technical data, financial documents and accounting records into an easily understood format.
• Working knowledge of geographic information systems and computer-aided design is desirable.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with residents, business owners, developers, financiers, elected officials and government agency personnel.

To apply for this job please visit hamtramck.us.