Ontonagon – Michael Burzynski

Michael Burzynski grew up in North West Ohio and has background in management and training in the Electric Utility industry.  After many visits to the Western Shore area by Michael and his wife Carolyn, Lake Superior eventually “stole their souls”. Embraced by the enchantment of natural beauty, they relocated to the area two years ago and have not looked back since. Michael attended the University of Toledo, College of Liberal Arts, and is a Vietnam Era veteran of the US Army. He served in the Ohio Air National Guard after his discharge from the Army, receiving the award of Ohio Air National Guardsman of the Year.  

Michael has been active in many volunteer endeavors such as Veterans Community Based Outreach Clinic, The USO, Wounded Warriors Project and the Diocesan Catholic Youth Organization.  Based on the warm and welcoming embrace provided to Michael and his spouse upon arrival in the Ontonagon area, he feels blessed to have an opportunity to be allowed to share his time and talents with his adopted community.  He is committed to provide his best to help ensure the vision set forth by the residents and leadership throughout the history of the Village of Ontonagon continues on toward fruition.