CEDAM Awards

Leader of the year - Nominate a leader in the CED field

Annually, CEDAM recognizes a Community Economic Development Leader of the Year. This is a CEDAM member who has engaged in creative programming, been involved in an exciting new development, or has generally proved to be a leader in the field.

2023 Leader of the Year winner Mark Crain

The Gene Kuthy Award - Nominate an outstanding board member

Gene Kuthy was a consummate board member. He helped form CEDAM in 1998, seeing the need to create a statewide organization to serve the community economic development industry, and was one of our original board members.

To honor the late Gene Kuthy, CEDAM honors a current or former board member of a CEDAM member who embodies Gene’s positive and unique attributes: fun, larger than life, generous, an incredible networker, a champion of a particular program, and more.

The Award will be presented at CEDAM’s Annual Membership Event, and $2,500 will be given to the organization in which the recipient serves.

2023 Gene Kuthy Award Winner Kim Theus of Canfield Consortium

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