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Students: Are You Looking For a Community Development Internship?

If you are interested in being listed on this webpage for employers to seek you out, please fill out the form and your resume will be posted. Please note that this is not a matching program. Instead, interested organizations may use this webpage to seek out interns, and potential interns may use the organization page to find appealing internship opportunities.

Did you find an internship or job? We’d love to hear about the connection made, and remove your listing for the semester (you can always repost later). Contact Lisa Assenmacher at

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Q: What is Community Economic Development?

A: Community economic development encourages using local resources in a way that enhances economic opportunities while improving social conditions in a sustainable way. Though different placemaking efforts across the state of Michigan, organizations work to provide the same level of opportunity through transportation, affordable housing, culture, food, safety, financial empowerment and education, resulting in vibrant communities. To learn more about the industry, view the 2013 Industry Report.

Q: What majors are most organizations looking for?

A: The community economic development industry is comprised of a diverse group of backgrounds, depending on the program and organization with whom you are interested in working. It is not uncommon to have a background in social sciences, urban planning, communication, or public policy, to name a few. Rather than focusing on fitting into a box with your education, consider how different programs and opportunities apply to your interests.

Q: How do I use this site to find an internship?

A: Click on the Employer tab and scroll through the list of organizations searching for qualified candidates. If you see a job that interests you, reach out to the contact person and apply for the job using their preferred specifications.

Q: If I post my resume to this webpage, will it be visible to the public?

A: Yes. The information that you submit is publicly available for the defined period of time specified. While you are not required to post to this webpage to apply for internships on the Employer page, posting it here will increase your visibility and chances of organizations finding you. This portal will serve as an industry hub, increasing your visibility significantly with fairly little effort.