Children’s Savings Accounts 101: What they are and why they’re important

Over the past few years, Children’s Savings Accounts (CSA) programs have been increasing in popularity across Michigan. These initiatives have been proven to strengthen inter-generational financial stability and increase the likelihood that a student will continue education after high school. But what are they, exactly, and how are they helping Michigan students and communities?  In […]

CEDAM AmeriCorps Member Feature: Alex Makohn Serves to Empower Detroit Residents

Alex Makohn helps a client

By Christopher Wardell, administrative assistant CEDAM AmeriCorps member Alexandra Makohn recently graduated from Michigan State with a BA in international development, but before starting her full-time career, she wanted another experience. She saw a real need to help people live and afford a home in her own neighborhood, so she set out to find ways […]

National Day Of Racial Healing

Yesterday we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Today, we celebrate National Day of Racial Healing. By Troy Villanueva, housing policy associate It’s been 56 years since Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous, “I Have a Dream” speech. That’s 15 years longer than Rev. Doctor King lived (he would have turned 90 yesterday). They say […]

Why Can’t We Build Public Support for Affordable Housing and Community Development?

By Emily Reyst, communications & training associate    On Wednesday, August 22, Dr. Tiffany Manuel, originally from Detroit herself, took to the podium at our annual Developing Vibrant Communities conference and delivered an inspiring, thought-provoking and engaging presentation on how to build public support for affordable housing and community economic development work in Michigan. A […]

Meet Your Developing Vibrant Communities 2018 Keynote Speakers

Developing Vibrant Communities (DVC), CDAD & CEDAM’s annual conference, provides our members and other attendees with the tools and skills needed to transform Michigan’s communities. Through the lens of inclusion, workshops address all things related to financial empowerment and community economic development work, including community engagement, children’s savings accounts, real estate development, fundraising and more. Our […]

A Life of Autonomy and Choice—A CEDAM Member Feature

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition Mission: MDRC cultivates disability pride and strengthens the disability movement by recognizing disability as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity while collaborating to dismantle all forms of oppression. Full disclosure: Nate Wardell, who passed away in May 2016, was the brother of Chris Wardell, CEDAM’s administrative assistant. — CEDAM […]

CEDAM’s Signature Training: Real Estate Development Boot Camp

What is Real Estate Development Boot Camp? When CEDAM was formed in 1998, offering affordable training—specifically real estate development training—to community development organizations was, and still is, a main priority for us. Many of today’s seasoned affordable housing developers went through our Boot Camp training (which has taken on numerous names throughout the years,) and […]

Where Detroit Happens: A Block by Block Tour

On Wednesday, September 20, I drove down to Detroit to participate in day three of CDAD’s Community Development Week. Over the course of the week CEDAM’s partner, Community Development Advocates of Detroit, hosted tours, workshops and other events to promote community development careers, practices and projects. Sessions included: Who’s Got Next? Careers in Community Development; […]

Metrics that Matter (A DVC Session Preview)

Written by Brian Rakovitis, Manger of Financial Empowerment Initiatives  Data is merely a four letter word, but it can cause any organization a great deal of anxiety. Regardless the size of our organizations — from nonprofits to large corporations, from small businesses to trade associations —  it’s likely we all stress over the type of […]