MI Healthy Climate Corps

The MI Healthy Climate (MHC) Corps is an equity-centered program focused on advancing and reaching Michigan’s Healthy Climate Plan goals, building capacity across the state, and helping guide federal and state resources and support. The MHC Corps was formed by the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, & Energy (EGLE) Office of Climate and Energy (OCE) in partnership with the Michigan Community Service Commission. “The corps will build on the MI Healthy Climate Plan to continue positioning Michigan as a climate leader with a future-focused workforce,” said Michigan Climate and Energy Advisor Cory Connolly at the OCE.

CEDAM is responsible for implementation of the program and is the operator partner. The MHC Corps uniquely positions CEDAM members to leverage historic private, state, and federal resources to support communities disproportionately impacted by the changing climate. 

Starting in early 2024, the MHC Corps will field a cohort of 30 AmeriCorps members who will provide critical support to communities tackling climate change. As a key part of the opportunity, MHC Corps members will receive significant training and career development support to step into Michigan’s climate leadership pool.

Projects will be tailored to the organization and community in which the MHC Corps member serves. Examples of potential projects include:

    • Connecting Michiganders to renewable energy resources or energy efficiency programs
    • Supporting your community in accessing efficient, cleaner public transit systems and/or bike paths and walking trails
    • Activating recycling or composting programs in your community
    • Implementing conservation and restoration programs for wetlands, waters, soils, and/or forests

    MI Healthy Climate Corps Member Hosts

    With the first cohort starting in March 2024, there is a great need for Host Partners throughout Michigan. Host Partners can be state agencies, tribal governments, local governments, or nonprofit organizations. Hosting a MHC Corps member will benefit your office in multiple ways:

    • A talented, emerging climate professional will build capacity at your office to meet your climate goals.
    • The Corps member will be equipped with the tools and information to keep your office up to date on available federal resources and their accessibility.
    • Your office will be connected with the statewide MHC Corps movement, promoting synergy at the state, local, and community levels.
    • The Corps member will gain skills and experience, developing them as a supportive contact for your office in the years to come as they continue to lead in the climate field. Corps members may also be excellent candidates for future job openings at your office.

    The deadline to apply to be a Host Partner is Wednesday, November 29 at 5pm.

    MI Healthy Climate Corp Members

    A poll conducted by Service Year Alliance from May 2022 found that 91% of youth care at least a little about climate change, but they’re unsure of how they can help. Two-thirds of individuals aged 18-28 are not sure what they can personally do to make a difference and protect the environment, but 45% would consider doing a service year. Becoming a MHC Corps Member is an excellent way to get involved!

    We are looking for the next generation of climate leaders to join the first cohort of the MHC Corps. By becoming a member, you can support real climate action and explore a future in Michigan’s growing climate and energy economy. As a member of the MHC Corps, you will:

    • Provide meaningful capacity support for aligned climate projects in government and nonprofit organizations across the state
    • Serve as ambassadors of federal and state resources and be available to support partner organizations’ climate efforts
    • Participate in fellowship building and training as well as professional experiences to develop your skills for the long haul

    MHC Corps members receive several benefits by participating in and finishing the program. Some benefits stem from being part of the AmeriCorps program and others because they are members of the MHC Corps program, specifically. These benefits include:

    • A living allowance of approximately $3,000 per month
    • $4,826.50 education award to use toward loans or future education expenses
    • Healthcare benefits that include dental, vision, and mental health support
    • Eligibility for AmeriCorps child care assistance
    • Free attendance at the MI Healthy Climate Conference
    • Access to CEDAM trainings
    • Travel, lodging, and meals provided for in-person events throughout the service term, including a midpoint retreat

    We encourage all those who are interested to apply, especially individuals from historically underserved communities and those on the frontline of climate impacts. Individuals need to be 18 years old to serve; no degree or formal work experience is required.

    The MHC Corps Member Application will go live on December 15.