Magdalena Rivera, Economic Inclusion Program Coordinator

As the economic inclusion program coordinator, Maggi supports and coordinates the execution of CEDAM’s economic inclusion initiatives & coalitions, including the Michigan Children’s Savings Account (CSA) Network, the Michigan Economic Impact Coalition (MEIC), and Show Me the Money Day (SMTMD) events. 

With her dedication, attention to details, and organizational and relationship building skills, Maggi looks forward to helping CEDAM grow its programs and services for the most vulnerable, which has always been a priority for her both personally and professionally.

Magdalena has worked in various school community settings and nonprofit organizations for more than 30 years in Ottawa, Kent and currently in Ingham county.

Her deep passion for personal and community empowerment remains the driving force behind her steadfast activism, especially when representing the underserved and underrepresented. In her spare time, Magdalena enjoys cooking, listening to music, reading, spending time with her fur babies Jackee and Alex and going to the beach on hot summer