Kaylee Kellogg, Communications Intern

kayleeKelloggAs the Communications Intern, Kaylee works to keep CEDAM members up-to-date through updating websites for CEDAM, creating posts on the blog and connecting to members when needed. Tech-savvy and hard-working, she aims to make CEDAM’s communications the best they can be. Kaylee’s goal is to help members get the most out of their membership by maintaining contact information, sending out information on upcoming events, and to help the communities CEDAM works with.

Kaylee has experience in research, social media and communications. She can use online mediums to connect with members, convey messages and can use research feedback to make effective changes to these communication forms.

Kaylee earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Grand Valley State University in 2015. During college, Kaylee also participated in several on-campus organizations, and was on the executive board of a leadership and honors organization.