Mikki Droste, Housing Links LLC (Lansing) — At-Large

Mikki Droste, Housing Links, LLC (Lansing) — At-Large

Mikki 3Mikki Droste is a Development Consultant with HousingLinks, LLC and works with developers and nonprofits in Michigan to create affordable housing.  She is an at-large member representing the whole state. HousingLinks, LLC assists developers and nonprofit organizations in Michigan with the design, funding and development of community focused affordable housing. Because many organizations do not have staff capacity to design and develop new  housing programs/projects while administering existing programming, Mikki utilizes her experience in both program development and nonprofit management to work on teams designed for and tasked with increasing organizational capacity and creating new/better ways to broaden opportunities for all.  

Prior to consulting Mikki spent time as the Executive Director of the Capital Area Housing Partnership, a Director in energy efficiency program design/delivery for ClearResult Consulting, a Program Manager for the Corporation for Supportive Housing and as the Development Director at the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition.