Dana Christian, New Hope Community Development (Detroit) — At Large


Dana M. Christian has over twenty five years of senior executive experience in the affordable housing industry with a successful track record in the development of affordable housing. Dana is a well-established leader in the local and regional community development industries.  

Dana began her career in the corporate world of a Fortune 500 corporation after receiving her MBA, but soon realized that she could affect change in her community by dedicating her career to housing and neighborhood redevelopment.

After successfully completing the affordable housing projects at a local Community Development Corporation as the Housing Director, Dana shifted her affordable housing focus to public Housing Redevelopment.  She was invited to join the national program management team for the redevelopment of the former Jeffries projects that had long been one of the most undesirable housing sites in the city.  Her most prominent role as the local, day to day project manager for the redevelopment of the former Herman Gardens thrusts her into every detail in the development of the new community.  These experiences have provided Dana with a solid foundation in real estate development that involves all types of housing, rental, for sale, senior, affordable, market rate, single and multifamily.