Al Martin, ACERA, Inc. (Hart) – At Large

Allan Martin is a Michigan native, hailing from the east side of the state. He is a proud Central Michigan University graduate, never guessing that his business administration degree would lead him to becoming an Innkeeper! Al has spent the past fifteen years in the affordable housing development field, helping to produce over 400 units of quality, high-demand, multi-family housing. He is respected throughout the industry for his integrity, creativity and his ability to get things done. He is the proud father of three academically gifted children (code for non-athletic, just like dad!) His knowledge of sports is deep and wide, and he will happily converse on this and many other subjects. And, if you love to play cards, Al is your man; he knows games you have probably never heard of. In life his main purpose is to keep his wife happy, and she is happy when the guests are happy. Everyone wins!