Bevertone Anyonga, program coordinator

Bevertone Anyonga

As CEDAM’s program coordinator, Bevertone provides support to CEDAM’s capacity building programs. In this role, he manages internal reporting; assists with recruitment, hiring, and training of AmeriCorps members and fellows; and works with extenal partners to collect Show Me the Money Day data.

Bevertone is a graduate of Michigan State University in the James Madison College perusing a double major in international relations and comparative cultures and politics with a minor in Muslim studies. Bevertone joined CEDAM’s team in 2019 as junior policy associate.

Prior to joining CEDAM, Bevertone was involved in nonprofits in Kenya engaged in community development where he focused his efforts on coordinating engagement between local legislators and members of the community on various issues. He also actively engaged in research on the effects of development projects on underrepresented communities.

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