Michigan Senate Passes Bill Capping the APR on Payday Loans at 36%
More than 100 Michigan organizations signed letter in support of the bill
Lansing, MI — Today, the Michigan Senate passed SB 632, a bipartisan bill that caps fees and rates on payday loans in Michigan at an APR of 36%. The bill passed with a vote of 24-13. 
Current fees on these loans reach an APR as high as 370%. A majority of borrowers in Michigan end up falling into a cycle of debt. According to a report released by the Center for Responsible Lending, 70% of borrowers in Michigan take out another loan on the same day they pay one off.  
“CEDAM commends our State leaders for taking steps to protect Michigan consumers today,” said Jessica AcMoody, policy director at CEDAM. “Michiganders of all income levels deserve access to safe, affordable financial products. SB 632 will support an environment where consumer-friendly financial programs and products can thrive.” 
More than 100 Michigan organizations — including nonprofits, churches, cities and financial institutions — signed a letter to Michigan Senators supporting SB 632 in an effort to protect communities from these high-cost products. 
“So many of our clients have been negatively impacted by these predatory loans, often falling into a cycle of debt or even being forced to file for bankruptcy,” said Lorray Brown, consumer law attorney at Michigan Poverty Law Program. “We are thrilled Michigan’s leaders took steps to protect Michigan’s most vulnerable community members from products that masquerade as a quick financial fix, but actually cause long-term harm.” 
Read the letter of support with the list of organizations that signed it. 
The bill now moves to the House of Representatives where it will be assigned to a committee. 
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For more information, please contact Jessica AcMoody, CEDAM policy director at acmoody@cedamichigan.org or (517) 210-7723.
CEDAM's Policy Director Jessica AcMoody (third from right), CEDAM partners, and Sen. Sarah Anthony pose for a photo after the Senate Committee hearing earlier this month. AcMoody testified in support of SB 632.