CEDAM to pilot “Summer Fridays”

Recently, CEDAM undertook a strategic planning process that asked us to identify our values and behaviors. We examined our work and ways of being through the lens of dismantling white supremacy culture. We identified practices that would help us lead in the community economic development field. One that rose to the top was modeling rest and taking on realistic workloads

Flexible schedules and reduced workloads have been proven to benefit not just staff, but organizational health as well. Here are four concrete ways that plays out:

  1. Work-life balance | Organizational support to balance work and personal life is employees’ #2 highest priority, second only to excellent compensation and benefits. 
  2. Staff happiness | 85% of those whose job offers Summer Fridays said the perk makes them feel happier at work.
  3. Staff retention | When workers were asked why they quit their jobs, 43% said the benefits their previous employer offered weren’t good enough.
  4. Candidate attraction | The Society for HR Management listed four-day workweeks as one way to “spice up your benefits package” in a challenging labor market.

Equipped with that knowledge, CEDAM is excited to announce that we are piloting “Summer Fridays”. For us, that means closing our doors on Fridays – both virtually and physically- starting June 9 through Labor Day. 

Our response times at the end of the week might be impacted, but we’ll still be working hard the other four days to provide you with the excellent service you’re used to. And hopefully, we’ll just be more focused, engaged, and happier doing so!