Kicking Off 2023: NFL Player Shows Support for M&M Area Community Foundation’s Future Fund

What does an Upper Peninsula foundation and Green Bay Packers all-time leading scorer Mason Crosby have in common? Well, for one, both are supporters of Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs)

Earlier this month, the M&M Area Community Foundation (MMACF), one of the Michigan CSA Network’s members, released a video shoutout from Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby promoting their Future Fund. In the video, Mason helps articulate the value of investing in a winning future through the organization’s CSA initiative. He also shares some statistics about the importance and impact of CSAs. 

MMACF is a community support organization serving both Marinette and Menominee Counties on the Michigan-Wisconsin border. Their CSA program, the Future Fund, provides each kindergarten student in the area with their own savings account, pre-loaded with $50. Each year until graduation, the Foundation adds more money to every child’s Future Fund savings account. For both first and second-grade students in 2019- 2020, the Foundation added $5 per year, and an additional $10 was added for third-grade students. 

“Our Future Fund provides an opportunity for every child to imagine what tomorrow will bring when the time comes to consider their future beyond high school,” MMACF executive director Paula Gruszynski explains. “Having Mason’s support brings attention to the need for all of us to support and encourage our children to think about their future. The Foundation continues to need contributions from community members to reach the goal of this program continuing forever.”

Students are able to access their Future Fund savings accounts upon graduation to assist with expenses related to college and postsecondary education or career training. This is the fourth year in a row the Foundation has been able to offer the starter savings accounts, and they plan to continue strong in years to come. 

In the economic development space, we know that sharing our impact makes a monumental difference. But how did the Foundation get connected with Mason Crosby in the first place? Well, that is thanks to some clever connections. 

“Bellin Health has been a great partner with the MMACF for several years, and they have a partnership with the Packers,” Paula says. “So, I reached out to my friend at Bellin Health, Chris Woleske, to ask for help. She and her team made it happen. We appreciate Mason’s recognition of the value of hope!” 

Click the photo above to view the full video, or learn more about the Future Fund here.