Meet Shaniqua Gibson, CEDAM’s program coordinator

One of CEDAM’s newest team members is Shaniqua Gibson, who joins us as a program coordinator. We sat down with Shaniqua to learn more about her past experience and what’s she’s most excited about in this new role!

As CEDAM’s program coordinator what are you looking forward to most?

As CEDAM’s program coordinator, I am looking forward to supporting our internal programs, while learning more about the broader scope of community economic development on a state level. I am also looking forward to learning more about the programs and services offered across the state by our member organizations. 

Can you tell me about your professional experience and how it led you to CEDAM?

I am finishing up my masters degree in urban planning with a concentration in community development. Prior to coming to CEDAM I worked as a community organizer. I have always had a passion for social justice and supporting underserved communities, and CEDAM seems to have prioritized those same ideals, both internally and externally.

What excites you most about the community economic development field?

What excites me most about the community economic development field is the fact that it empowers people to participate in the processes set out to make themselves and their communities better and more sustainable. I believe that far too often the individuals who are most affected by the decisions are usually the last to be consulted. Effective community economic development promotes buy-in from the community, essentially increasing their commitment and willingness to support.

What was the last book you read? The Vanishing Half 

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go? Jamaica

What’s the next concert you would love to go to? John Legend

What’s a fun hobby you have? Shopping

What are you watching on TV? I just finished the Queen’s Gambit