CEDAM members are uniquely positioned to support the Governor’s MI New Economy Plan

CEDAM knows Michigan cannot achieve a prosperous, equitable economy without investments in core assets like housing and broadband. As we work to recover from the COVID-19 global pandemic, significant investments in our people and in our infrastructure are more critical than ever to create vibrant communities. 

That’s why we were thrilled to be a part of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s press conference today announcing her “MI New Economy” plan, a $2.1 billion proposal focusing on three pillars: Growing the middle class, supporting small businesses, and investing in communities

Included in each of these pillars are ambitious goals that will help track progress to achieving prosperous, resilient communities. Falling under the investing in communities pillar are two goals that directly align with CEDAM’s policy priorities

  • 100% access to high-speed internet and 95% adoption by households during the next five years
  • 75,000 new or rehabilitated housing units in five years

Goals from the other pillars include lifting 100,000 families out of working poverty within five years, provide affordable or no cost childcare for 150,000 families by 2024, and move Michigan to be a top 10 state for small business job growth and income growth, among several others. 

Investments in core assets like housing and broadband internet are essential to making our state more attractive to both existing residents and the entrepreneurs and workforce of the future. 

Our hundreds of members, who are mostly community-based organizations working across the state, are uniquely positioned as strategic partners ready to help achieve these ambitious goals. From having the experience building or rehabilitating housing, to understanding their community’s broadband, small business, childcare, and workforce needs, CEDAM and our members stand ready to support the MI New Economy plan. 

If you are a CEDAM member or partner interested in advancing CEDAM’s policy priorities, we encourage you to reach out to Jessica AcMoody, CEDAM’s policy director.