CEDAM to Administer the Project Rising Tide Fellowship Program

CEDAM will work with fellows across 10 MEDC Rising Tide communities to help build successful communities

Downtown West Branch
Photo from MEDC at http://mirisingtide.org/westbranch/

Lansing, MI—The Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM) is pleased to announce that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has awarded CEDAM a grant to administer the Project Rising Tide Fellowship Program.

The Project Rising Tide Fellowship Program is an extension of MEDC’s already existing Project Rising Tide program. The program’s purpose is to provide at-risk communities with the tools they need to design and build a successful economic framework. Participating communities receive technical assistance and resources from the MEDC.

“The ten Round One Rising Tide communities indicated that an extra set of hands would help set projects into motion,” said Michelle Parkonnen, director of Redevelopment Ready Communities with MEDC. “We are excited to grow upon the success of the round 1 communities by providing additional support to our next round of communities.”

The program is funded by the MEDC; The ten Round Two Rising Tide communities who opt into the fellowship program will receive a fellow at no cost to them.

CEDAM will recruit and place talented, enthusiastic individuals who will bring stakeholders together to lead change in their community. The fellows, who will add needed capacity, will execute existing plans and help build sustainability for strong planning, zoning and economic development efforts in their community. CEDAM aims to have fellows in place by November. CEDAM, along with the fellows, will track key data in communities to determine their progress and lead the community forward.


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