Michigan Historic Preservation Network: Detroit Preservation Demonstration Project

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Michigan Historic Preservation Network is located in Lansing, and this project was in Detroit.

In their words:

“MHPN’s Detroit Preservation Demonstration Project aims to demonstrate the role that strategic preservation and rehabilitation play as catalysts for community revitalization in a tipping point neighborhood. For the past six months, we have worked with the Detroit Land Bank Authority’s new community partnership program to purchase and rehabilitate a long vacant and neglected home in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood to move-in ready condition. In addition to demonMHPN – Afterstrating how historic preservation techniques can inform rehab construction practices through the bricks-and-mortar rehabilitation of the Lakewood house, our goal is to help stabilize the block and create a critical mass of investment necessary to impact surrounding property values, public safety and perception of blight. The combination of MHPN’s revolving fund program and our educational offerings will continue to encourage other residents and community organizations to rehabilitate historic residential properties in their neighborhoods.”