Finance Can Be Fun — Host a 2018 Show Me the Money Day Event

If you’re an organization helping residents in Michigan further their financial capability, you know that combining finances and fun can be tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be! Let CEDAM help you host an engaging Show Me the Money Day event in your community.

Flint Show Me the Money Day 2017
Flint Show Me the Money Day 2017

What is Show Me the Money Day?

Show Me The Money Day is a statewide, annual and FREE financial resource fair that kicks off tax season. Banks, credit unions, educators, community based organizations and others gather to ensure free or low-cost education and access to mainstream financial services for participants. The events also feature various games, prizes, food and children’s activities centered around financial capability. Show Me the Money Day participants leave with a better understanding of the financial resources in their communities and feel more hopeful about their financial futures. In 2017, thirty-two events took place throughout January and February across the state, helping over 2,300 individuals and families improve their financial capability. 

Should my organization host an event?

There is no set criteria for an organization to host a Show Me the Money Day event. If you’re an organization that serves low- and moderate-income people, then hosting an event would be a great way to continue and expand your outreach. If your organization provides financial capability services, hosting an event is a great way to ensure residents in your community know about your programs. If you don’t offer financial capability services, hosting a Show Me the Money Day event is a great stepping stone to do so, or to make other services in your area more accessible. 

What type of support will we receive from CEDAM if we host an event?

CEDAM trains, organizes, provides mini-grants and supports all Show Me the Money Day events from the beginning of the planning process through post-event follow-up. Host site applications, including the grant application portion, will be approved on a rolling basis and are due by by 5pm on Friday, October 6. 

Host Site Training guides organizations on how to customize the perfect event for their community. The training focuses on explaining the basics of Show Me the Money Day events, the numerous CEDAM technical assistance supports, event planning and community outreach. Training is also valuable because it gives host sites the opportunity to connect and share best practices with each other.

Grand Rapids Show Me the Money Day 2017
Grand Rapids Show Me the Money Day 2017

Show Me the Money Day Host Site Training will take place on Friday September 22 from 9:30am-4pm at the Allen Neighborhood Center. At least one representative from each prospective host site must attend and register prior to the training. Training is FREE for CEDAM members and nonmembers. It includes breakfast, lunch and one mileage reimbursement per organization (up to $150.)

How do we get started?

Download the host site application and register for host site training. You may attend training prior to completion of a host site application.

Questions? Contact Allyson Brooks or head to