4 Reasons You Should Volunteer

Written by Kaylee Kellogg, Communications Intern 

Everyday and in just about every part of the nation, groups and organizations could use a helping hand through volunteers. For some, volunteering is something they’ve never considered doing, while for others it is a regular part of their life. If you’ve been on the fence about donating your time and skills to an organization, it’s a great way to get involved, and you may be surprised at how giving back can help you as well. Here are some reasons that may encourage you to volunteer.

animals-617305_19201.) You can support a cause or community you care about.

Whether it’s helping at a local shelter, working at a soup kitchen or donating your time to a community event, volunteering can help strengthen the causes or community you choose to work with. Think about what or who you care about and would like to assist – doing something you’re already passionate about can create stronger bonds to spending your time there.

2.) Networking can happen anywhere.

While traditionally networking is thought of in work or professional situations, volunteering can lead to a great opportunity to network as well! You may be surprised at others who are also donating their time to similar causes, and can create long-lasting connections to them!

3.) Volunteering can build upon or help you learn new skills.

Some people may think “Well, I’m not sure I have the skill set that would be best for this type of volunteer work.” That’s okay! Most places who are looking for volunteers aren’t expecting experts walking in the door on their first day. When you go in to volunteer, be honest about your knowledge level. Other volunteers or employees can help you figure out what you need to know, and you may be surprised at what you learn!

4.) Volunteering saves more resources.money-652560_1280

One way or another, jobs must be done in nonprofits or groups. If volunteers are not able to be found, or not enough are giving their time, groups are forced to spend their money on extra employees rather than placing funds toward their need. Giving your time without expecting payment allows nonprofits to place money towards other important needs and goals.

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