New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business or Nonprofit

Written by Kaylee Kellogg, Communications Intern

It’s the beginning of a new year, and all around us, individuals are making resolutions on things to do or change in 2017. Have you ever thought of using this idea within the workplace? The new year is a great time to plan out changes or updates to make not only for you and your coworkers, but for your customers or members as well! Here are some ideas that might get you started!

office-625893_1920Make it a priority to get or keep your websites up to date

It’s something all companies or nonprofits with a website come across – you forget to post about one event or product, and next thing you know, you have plenty of updates to do and no time to do them all. While sometimes not posting or updating a site may seem minor in comparison to other job necessities going on, you should also remember that your website or social media may be some people’s main way to reach out and see what you’re doing. Take the time – whether it is all in one go or scheduled out – to make sure each page is updated with the most current information. Keep it updated throughout the year by finding ways to schedule posts ahead of time or designating individuals to post on specific media types.

Learn a new skill that could help you now or in the future

Have you ever seen another business or nonprofit do something and think “Wow, I wish we could do something like that here!” Why not take the time to learn one of these skills that might help the company prosper? Video skills, becoming active on a new social media site or taking the time to attend a class or workshop are all great ways to hone in on new skills, but there are so many more that could help depending on your business!

Ask for feedback – and ask for it regularly

Asking for feedback can sometimes feel risky – while in some areas you may feel you are succeeding, other areas may feel like they’re going to be criticized. Even though this can be nerve racking, you should be regularly asking people about areas you can improve at and where you are doing things right. One great way to do this is through a yearly survey with participation from staff. Allow everyone to have input on what questions should be asked and how it will  be organized. Then, send this to your customers through whatever medium makes the most sense. While this sounds like a huge dilemma, this survey no longer has to be a harrowing experience – survey websites such as Google Forms or SurveyMonkey are great resources that will help easily organize your information into useable statistics. Once you receive answers, get with your staff again and discuss the results – use these to make attainable goals to reach for by next year. You might be surprised how much you learn about your audience and customers!

Take the time – be kind to those around yougesture-772977_1280

This one may seem simple, but it can mean so much to those around you. Coworkers, volunteers, customers and everyone you interact with should feel like they are important to the way you work. Take the time to say hello and ask people how they’re doing. Throw an office appreciation party. Let someone know they did a great job. Doing even these small things will make people happier to see you, and more motivated in working with you.

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