Better Than A Webinar

Dequindre Cut 4We thought we solved the problem of people not being able to make it to in-person trainings with the invention of the webinar. Maybe with a webinar they wouldn’t feel the need to pull out their cellphone or laptop and answer emails during the presentation. If you’ve hosted a webinar, you know this to not be the case. Since the speaker is invisible and the audio quality is usually poor, people tune out or don’t even show up and just wait for the webinar recording to come out.

So why not just skip right to the recording?

We filmed some of our beginner Real Estate Development workshops. They are the exact same information you would get by attending in person, except as videos. You can go at your own pace and you get a copy to keep, so you can rewatch it any time you need a refresher.

Each online training is $15 for CEDAM members. You can purchase Market Analysis, Utilizing Land Banks and Site Selection & Due Diligence here.

We also have a phenomenal Conflict Resolution training that is specifically designed to be presented in video format. You can see a demo and read about what this training includes here. (P.S. This training will significantly improve your life at work and at home; it’s definitely worth it.)

Happy learning!