Witness drastic change in Michigan places that were abandoned and deteriorating. Get ideas on how to transform vacant spaces. Featured revitalization projects range from the 60 acre “Chevy in the Hole” brownfield in Flint to a tax foreclosed, blighted commercial property in Kalamazoo.

1-introBlight Intro

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Businesses closed. People walked away from their homes. Blight is everywhere, so what do we do?

2-chevyChevy Commons, Flint

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Sixty acres of pavement is all that remains where the lumber, carriage and auto industry flourished, and where the 1936-37 Flint sit down strike against General Motors changed the course of history. With the factories gone, people in Flint decided it’s time to do something new here and to recognize that history. With a former Chevrolet employee, the Genesee County Land Bank, Flint Mayor Dayne Walling and Flint River Corridor Alliance.

3-riverviewRiverview Launch, Kalamazoo

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Tour a refreshing project in Kalamazoo that has turned a large foreclosed property into community space, a “natural playground” for kids, demonstration gardens and a native bee condo. Riverview Launch.

4-dequindreDequindre Cut, Detroit

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An abandoned rail corridor that leads to the Detroit Riverwalk is now an awesome biking/walking path that features murals. The Dequindre Cut path is being extended to reach Eastern Market.

5-vacantVACANT Lansing, Lansing

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A mystery event takes place each year in Lansing in a vacant space. Can you decipher the clues with your ticket to figure out where the fun will be?

6-mfpcMichigan Foreclosure Prevention Corps

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One way to prevent blight is by preventing foreclosure. The MFPC is an AmeriCorps program where members spend a year in service at organizations around the state to help people stay in their homes.

7-mvpcMichigan Vacant Property Campaign

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The MVPC is a campaign to help Michigan communities address vacant, abandoned and blighted properties.

8-blightEnd of Blight

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Vacant properties present unique opportunities to bring people together and improve the places we live in.

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