Utility Data & Energy Efficiency Pilot Programs

Written by Lisa Assenmacher, Communications and Training Specialist

Organizations that utilize grants or other federal programs to fund projects understand that reporting and data are important, constant indicators of program monitoring and success. Gathering and processing data can be time consuming and tedious for everybody involved.

Making Data Collection Easier

A variety of software applications and processes are becoming readily available to make this process simpler and more accurate. Processing tenant utility data is one such example and MSHDA is working to reduce and simplify the approach through a pilot program in collaboration with New Ecology and WegoWise. This application pulls the data directly from DTE or Consumers Energy via a landlord portal, thereby eliminating the need to enter any data.

Read the full article by Catherine Schirm about the pilot program here.

Multifamily Energy Savings in Michigan

This application and pilot program ties into a bigger initiative to help increase energy efficiency and meet the needs of multifamily housing developments. This is a collaborative effort initiated by Consumers Energy formed a partnership with MSDHA, Michigan Energy Options, Elevate Energy and Michigan Saves. The program is designed to provide a one-stop-shop with a single point of contact to help you through the process of an initial energy analysis, contractor recommendations and implementation. Coupled with credits through Consumers Energy and loan options through Michigan Saves and others, it is an unbeatable deal for organizations to consider.

Listen to the discussion with Ed Love the Program Manager for the Consumers Energy Multifamily Energy Savers and also with Michigan Energy Options, and Todd O’Grady, the Michigan Saves Finance Consultant and hear more about what the pilot program involves and who qualifies.

Energy efficiency is coming to a head in Michigan. These are only a couple of programs available that help organizations meet their needs, and there are seemingly more every day. Let us know how we can help you find those resources and help you help your community.