How to Overcome Sudden Obstacles When Planning a Conference

By Liv Hagerman, Events & Membership Associate

When planning events there is bound to be obstacles. They can either be manageable or cause you a decent amount of stress. The following will help in dealing with the difficulties that are to follow an obstacle.

1) Stay Calm

It seems pretty simple and obvious, but surprisingly the most forgotten step. When you let your anxiety take over, you begin to think unclearly and make sudden rash decisions. If you don’t stay calm you cause yourself unnecessary stress, as well as make the people around you stressed. Remember where there is a will, there is a way.

2) Back to the Drawing Board

Before the problem appeared, you chose this specific option. Go back to your other options. Reassess which one is the best with the new information, and roll with it. You can either choose one of your original options or create something new. Until a contract is in place, you can always start over.

3) Be Quick

When an obstacle happens, it takes time away from the final product. It’s always better to encounter an obstacle earlier rather than later. When you have been working on something for a while when the obstacle occurs you have suddenly wasted a grand amount of time. When starting over you have to move more swiftly in the decision making and the final details. Time suddenly flies, don’t let it trip you up; you must move quickly as well but you want the same kind of quality and effort you originally exerted.

4) Organization is Your Savior

From the start of your planning keep everything. Notes from the initial planning stage are important for when you need to revisit them to come up with option B. Also, read through all contracts line by line and make sure you understand all the language used. For more important details, such as deadlines, prices and contact information; it is best to highlight. It is more efficient to find such information if it already was found and sticks out. Being organized won’t only save you time but also decrease your stress level.

5) Put a Smile On

Don’t lose you’re charismatic self in the mix of it all. It’s much easier to get what you need if you’re friendly. People want to work harder for someone they like. Smiling makes you friendly and likable. If you let the stress change you persona, people will move slower and not make what you need a priority. Plus, a smile looks good on everyone! =)

6) It Will Work Out

There is always a solution to a problem. There is nothing you can’t overcome. There are other options that deserve to be explored, it may not be your first choice but it’s still a choice. Things are never perfect but you can put in the extra effort to make it the best you can do. If you do your best, people are still going to think the end result is awesome. Keep pushing on, things will fall into place.