Get a sample of fresh food scenes in Michigan that are solving challenges like food access, health and nutrition, and food and farm business success.

1-freshFresh Michigan Food

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What do you do when you don’t have a car and the nearest produce section is 10 miles away? When your kids have never seen certain fruits or vegetables? When you are up against all odds?

2-rootsLansing Roots, Lansing

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This farm incubator in Lansing is teaching new, diverse farmers how to grow and succeed in Mid-Michigan. The Greater Lansing Food Bank coordinates the program.

3-fishCDC Farm and Fishery, Detroit

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Detroit’s first licensed aquaponics farm grows basil and tilapia in a former liquor store. Go on a tour of the farm and see how Central Detroit Christian is using the business to create jobs, job skills and fresh food in Detroit.

4-campSummer Garden Camp, Lansing

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Kids in northwest Lansing attend this two-week NorthWest Initiative garden program to see their summer school garden in action, learn to grow food, and harvest and cook fresh food.

5-arabYalla Eat! Walking Tour, Dearborn

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Dearborn has the most dense population of Arab Americans in the United States, as well as an amazing array of family-owned food businesses! Go on a food tour of Warren Avenue with the Arab American National Museum.

6-ampAllen Market Place, Lansing

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A new food hub in Mid-Michigan connects local farmers to local businesses that need fresh food. The Allen Market Place, operated by Allen Neighborhood Center, also hosts food workshops, commercial kitchen space, and a year-round farmers market.

7-edenEden Gardens’ Garden

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Not your typical community garden, the Eden Gardens community garden is bridging a rift that split the African American and Jewish communities in Detroit during the 60’s. The garden is a partnership between Eden Gardens Block Club and the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue.

8-eatingEating Healthy

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Food access, nutrition and education are key to healthy lifestyles, and it is so easy to bring people together around food.

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