Energy Choice: Improving Your Bottom Line

Written by Dana Zecchino, Michigan Gas & Electric.

The State of Michigan has deregulated its energy industry, allowing energy providers to offer residential and commercial customers with competitive pricing for their energy supply through the “Customer Choice Program.”  While the transportation and delivery of the energy remains regulated by the State and the local utility company continues to deliver the energy through their wires and pipelines, customers now have a “choice” giving them the opportunity to select the energy program best suited to their energy requirements.

With energy choice programs, customers are not only able to gain control of their energy costs and improve their overall bottom line, but they have also been introduced to a variety of additional benefits as energy suppliers compete for their business.  From pre-paid retail cards to dining certificates and cash-back programs, customers receive competitive energy pricing and “perks” for remaining with their selected energy supplier.

CTG&E_CMYKOne energy supplier, however, has developed a unique initiative aimed at assisting non-profit organizations.  Michigan Gas & Electric (“MIG&E”), a U.S. Gas & Electric company, is a natural gas supplier for customers in the State of Michigan.  While MIG&E provides competitive natural gas prices for customers with a diverse array of energy needs, it has also implemented a program called “Partners in Power” to further assist non-profits by improving their charitable fundraising.

How it works

MIG&E partners with a non-profit organization and provides their facilities with competitive natural gas pricing.  All supporters of the non-profit then have the opportunity to enroll their natural gas supply under MIG&E’s Partners in Power program.  For every supporter who enrolls into the program, the non-profit will receive a residual payment for as long as the customer remains active.  Supporters receive competitive natural gas pricing, and the non-profit receives additional funding – a true win-win for all involved.

Taking advantage

Many non-profit organizations in Michigan have already enrolled into MIG&E’s Partners in Power program, including Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region (BBBSMCR), Habitat for Humanity Lansing, Child & Family Charities and ART of Leadership Foundation.  According to BBBSMCR’s Executive Director, Dr. Phillip Knight,

“This partnership is a “no-brainer.” Though BBBSMCR believes in taking advantage of every possible partnership since with each affiliate, we receive more support and exposure, the MIG&E Partners in Power program is beneficial all around.  Each enrollment under the MIG&E program will receive more competitive energy rates versus the utility while providing funding assistance to BBBSMCR.  I have enrolled both our office building and my residence under the program and have been extremely satisfied with the natural gas rates.”

CEDAM has also enrolled our facilities under MIG&E’s natural gas program and plans to introduce many of our associated non-profits to this opportunity to help with fundraising efforts.

Dana Zecchino is the Regional Sales Director for Michigan Gas & Electric, a U.S. Gas & Electric company.  For more information about Michigan Gas & Electric’s energy programs, please contact Dana via phone at 517.712.6624 or email at