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Tactical Placemaking in Action

Scrap sculpture of a dinosaur
photo source

Old Town Scrapfest is an event that takes place in Old Town in Lansing every year. People form teams, are given two hours to forage through Friedland Industries scrapyard and then two weeks to build some type of sculpture. It’s amazing to see what people come up with. The sculptures are always showcased at Festival of the Sun, which takes place at the end of June every year.

This type of event fits really nicely into the idea of placemaking. The comradeship of building something – even if you aren’t a sculptor – brings people together for the same reason. And events, art and friendships like this create communities that people want to live in.

Placemaking is the buzzword right now, and organizations across Michigan are working to see how they can create authentic events and programs that have the same type of impact in their communities. Tight budgets can be a barrier to some of the big ideas, but there are definitely ways, like Scrapfest, to do something impactful.

Let’s Talk About Tactical Placemaking!

Connect & Share PromoLighter, Quicker, Cheaper Placemaking is a tactical approach to the big idea of placemaking and is incremental, small-scale and low-risk, but with potentially big results. Jamie Schriner-Hooper will be leading a members-only discussion on this topic next Friday, June 28 in a new CEDAM program called Connect & Share: Virtual Brown Bag Lunch. She will talk about some successful lighter, quicker, cheaper programs that have been effective in other places and we can discuss some of your challenges and ideas while learning from one another. This is free for members and involves no future commitments – we know you’re busy. You can log in from your desk computer and phone over your lunch hour.

Connect & Share is designed to connect our members across the state with topics, ideas and networking on a monthly, no obligation basis. Topics will range from outlining legislative issues to organizational development to other issues that matter to you. CEDAM exists to help connect people to resources while providing opportunities to learn and grow from one another. If you have anything that you would be interested in hearing about, of if you have a topic that you are an expert on that you are eager to share with our members, please send it to Lisa Benck, Communications & Training Specialist at or 517.485.3588. And of course, sign up for next Friday’s conversation!