Supportive Housing and PHA (Housing Commission) Toolkit

Corporation for Supportive Housing presented a toolkit for Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) at a session during the 2013 Building Michigan Communities Conference. The PHA toolkit is a website for PHAs and those interested in working with a PHA on supportive housing:

The toolkit is incredibly useful for PHAs that are considering improving their housing choice voucher program, implementing project-based vouchers, partnering with other organizations that will provide supportive services or co-opting best practices from other PHAs that have unique approaches (such as housing development, coordinated funding, sponsor-based subsidies, etc.). The toolkit covers more than this, so it is worthwhile to take a look.

If you are an organization or service provider interested in working with a PHA, the toolkit will give you background information that will help you start collaborating. The information from CSH’s presentation below will also give you a sense for what the local PHA needs when you meet with them, depending on what your goals are.

Tenant-based Vouchers

What are you asking for?

  • Reduced screening criteria
  • Flexible intake procedures
  • Preferences for chronically homeless households
What does your PHA need?

  • Good utilization rates
  • Strong landlord relationships
  • High scores on NOFA applications
  • Reliable partner tenants can contact for services. PHAs overcome barriers to secure Section 8 units; they do not want to lose them because the landlord had a bad experience with tenants who needed additional support but couldn’t reach their service provider.

What do you bring to the table?

  • Help with paperwork
  • Housing search assistance
  • Services for tenants and landlords
  • Super-NOFA credentials
  • Grant writers

Project-based Vouchers

What are you asking for?

  • Subsidized single-site housing in new developments or in existing housing
What does your PHA need?

  • PBV for other initiatives
  • Services to exceed 25% cap
  • Relationships with funders

What do you bring to the table?

  • Connections to other funders and local planners
  • Help with paperwork
  • Expertise in defining, providing and funding services
  • Advocacy

Public Housing

What are you asking for?

  • Preferences (set-asides)
  • Preferences for homeless
What does your PHA need?

  • Stable communities
  • Services for seniors and disabled tenants
  • Eviction prevention

What do you bring to the table?

  • On-site activities
  • Mental health services
  • Good will
  • Advocacy