MNM Webinar: Bootstrapping a Community Space for Entrepreneurship

On Friday May 10, the Microenterprise Network of Michigan (MNM) hosted a webinar to share the story of the MARC, and offer tips and lessons learned for those interested in bringing an entrepreneur-friendly space to their community.

The MARC opened in February as a space for Meridian Townships residents to start or improve their business. The MARC provides emerging or developed businesses and entrepreneurs with cubical space, conference areas and private rooms to rent for meetings, seminars and workshops. In addition, the MARC serves as an access point to resources, training and assistance provided by partners locally and across the state, including the MNM.

A collaborative and community-driven effort, the MARC highlights how to bootstrap an entrepreneurial space with little resources and a lot of ingenuity A story of entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs, MARC captures the essence of microenterprise development, and we were happy to have them be the focus of the MNM’s very first webinar.

The webinar was recorded, and can be watched at your convenience here.

This webinar is the first of many future MNM webinars. If you or someone you know has a great story about entrepreneurship and small business support, please contact the new MNM Coordinator, Keith Lambert, at to discuss putting a webinar together!

Thank you to Marsha Madle, Craig Allen and Malindar Barr for leading such a terrific inaugural MNM webinar. For more information about the MARC, visit their website or contact Marsha Madle at