Northern Initiatives: Karl’s Cuisine

“All chefs want their own restaurant,” Karl Nelson states. “It’s the ultimate goal!” One that serves up fresh, local food made from scratch, paired with a glass of wine from your own Winery, and enjoyed while watching a 1,000 foot- long freighter floating by – that’s Karl Cuisine and Winery! Goal met!

Funding Sources

[table id=44 /] [table id=38 /] “We do everything but hire the Goodyear blimp: direct mail, events, employee gift matching, volunteers, church budget line item or collections.” CDCs wrote what they find to be the most important method of outreach to funders. Responses fit into the following categories. For CDCs with no funders, most funds […]

Community Housing Network: Johnna

Johnna says she wants to make sure her daughter grows up living a life very different from her own. That life included: an unsupported home life, dropping out of school, living on her own at the age of 17, making $1,000 each weekend night as a dancer and then getting involved in drugs.

Avalon Housing Inc: Youth Leadership Program Success Story

KG is a young teen from a family that experienced domestic violence, and was referred to the Youth Leadership Program by his Avalon Case Manager. During the family’s yearlong tenancy, KG’s behavior created a number of problems on the property. He had difficulty managing his emotions, frequent outbursts of anger, inability to resolve conflicts and […]


At the time of the survey, the longest any current Executive Director had served was 36 years and the newest Executive Director (4 months) had recently replaced a Director of 30 years. Four CDCs did not have an Executive Director. Out of the 82 surveyed CDCs, 32 had a staff succession plan in place and […]

Annual Operating Budget

With a range from virtually nothing upwards to over $10 million dollars, there is quite a variance in what is happening in the community economic development industry. The majority of respondents had smaller to mid-range budgets and were, for the most part, as likely to see an increase in budget over the past two years […]