Episode 10: A Place to Call Home

Discover historic homes in Detroit rescued from the foreclosure crisis, completely handicap accessible apartments in the UP and brand new town homes providing a place to live for people who need it the most. Along the way find out about free home buyer workshops, a chance to improve your kitchen, and Martin Luther King’s trip to East Lansing in 1965.

Episode Transcript

Scott Woosley

Introduction by Scott Woosley, Executive Director of MSHDA
Start off the episode at theMichigan State Housing Development Authority’s office in Lansing.

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Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhoods, Detroit
There’s no telling what you may find if you move into a home renovated by the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation. Visit homes of all shapes and sizes in this group of five Detroit neighborhoods.

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Palmer Pointe Townhomes,Pontiac
Families overcome serious life challenges with Community Housing Network’s new supportive and affordable housing development in Pontiac.

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Ready to Buy a Home
The Center for Financial Health holds in-person homebuyer workshops every month (classes were previously free; today registration is $25). They also provide housing, foreclosure and reverse mortgage counseling.

If you can’t attend the class in person, you can take it online for $99 at eHome America.

To find a housing or foreclosure counselor near you, go to MSHDA’s online counselor locator.

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Home Repair Services

Home Repair Services,Grand Rapids
Every week Home Repair Services in Grand Rapids holds free classes about home repair and maintenance in English and Spanish. They even have a repair team that can help with critical repair needs or help make your home more energy efficient!

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Genesee Cohousing

Genesee Gardens Cohousing, Lansing
Take a tour of a retrofit cohousing community in Lansing! At the end of a dead end street, this group of cohousers shares one community house and a community garden that was once a jumble of fences and paved lots behind four houses.

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Quincy Haven

Quincy Haven Apartments, Hancock
These handicap accessible apartments reserved for people with disabilities are actually attached to another apartment building called Lakeview Manor, which is made of affordable apartments for seniors and low-income residents.

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John Duley

East Lansing Housing History, special interview with John Duley at Edgewood Village, Lansing
John Duley has lived through some drastic changes in housing in the Greater Lansing area, spanning protests against discriminatory housing practices, to a visit with Dr. Martin Luther King, to the foundation of Edgewood Village.

He is the founder of the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition, the Closing the Digital Gap program and was a key person in the development of MSU’s STEP Program.

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Conclusion by Scott Woosley, Executive Director of MSHDA
Episode ending, credits and outtakes.

If you are looking for housing resources like down payment assistance, home improvement loans, foreclosure help, tax credits for developers, etc, visit michigan.gov/mshda.

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plumbing photo

Bonus: Plumbing 101, Home Repair Services
Learn about how the plumbing system in your home works, what kinds of pipes you may have in your home and how to safely make basic plumbing repairs from this portion of a Rookie Renovators class.

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