The Bright Side – AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps is the newest episode of The Bright Side. If this is the first time you have heard of the AmeriCorps program, take four minutes to watch the About AmeriCorps feature video. It’s worth it. Each AmeriCorps dedicates a year to serving a local community in a critical way – whether teaching English, tutoring children, reducing crime or helping people keep their homes. For many AmeriCorps members, this is a life changing experience.

If you are interested in serving your country by becoming an AmeriCorps member, or in having an AmeriCorps member help your organization, visit

The Bright Side is a TV show that tells the stories of CEDAM members and other organizations helping Michigan’s people and communities. Each episode focuses on a different topic in community economic development.

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Episode 9 – AmeriCorps
Supported by the Michigan Community Service Commission and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. Find out more about helping a future episode.

In this Episode:
Introduction by host Carolyn Bloodworth at Hunter Park GardenHouse in Lansing [watch now]
About AmeriCorps [watch now]
AmeriCorps VISTA [watch now]
Schools of Hope [watch now]
AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project [watch now]
Michigan Foreclosure Prevention [watch now]
AmeriCorps Signature Service [watch now]
Ending, credits and outtakes [watch now]