Resources, Action and Hope Battle Foreclosure

Michigan’s foreclosure crisis has spawned both statewide and local efforts to prevent foreclosures and to soften their impact. The Michigan Foreclosure Task Force (MFTF), a statewide coalition launched by CEDAM, serves as a unified voice responding to the crisis. MFTF is working to extend Michigan’s 90-Day Pre-Foreclosure Negotiation Law that requires a mandatory process to help prevent foreclosures. MFTF has also helped secure funding to sustain Michigan’s statewide network of free certified foreclosure prevention counselors and legal service attorneys for the next four years. The coalition also partners with the Attorney General’s office to fight foreclosure rescue scams.

This past spring, the MFTF launched a unique Michigan-specific tool to help respond to the ongoing foreclosure crisis.  The Community Foreclosure Response Toolkit is a one-stop-shop for all things foreclosure should be the first stop for anyone looking for any type of information about foreclosures in Michigan. With one click, you can access all the information, resources, strategies and best practices available to help you prevent or respond to the aftermath of either mortgage or tax foreclosures.

Michigan’s response to the foreclosure crisis also involves local community-based organizations throughout the state offering  a wide range of programs and services aimed at preventing foreclosures. HOPE NOW in Detroit is one of this local organizations. This Tuesday, Sept. 11th HOPE NOW is  hosting a community event TODAY, September 11 from 1:00pm – 8:00pm at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. The event is designed to provide a foreclosure prevention fast track by bringing homeowners together with lenders and counselors to try and work out alternatives to foreclosure. View the full description of the event.