New Resource Directory to Support Entrepreneurship

by Claire Glenn, Special Projects Coordinator for CEDAM

Entrepreneurs and microbusinesses now have an online tool to find the help they need to start or grow! Earlier this month the Microenterprise Network of Michigan (MNM), a project of CEDAM, launched an interactive online resource directory for Michigan entrepreneurs. The online directory allows entrepreneurs to easily find business training, technical assistance and lending resources. The resource directory also includes a location search feature, allowing entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs to find the resources closest to their homes or businesses.

The resource directory is part of the MNM’s larger efforts to support and promote Michigan microbusinesses. Microbusinesses are a vital part of our economy. They create jobs, vibrant neighborhoods and strong communities.  Throughout the United States, Microbusinesses represent over 80 percent of all businesses. In fact, if just one of three microenterprises hired one additional worker, the country would be at full employment. Despite their important economic role, however, microbusinesses often struggle to access the resources and information necessary for business success.

Yet in Michigan, we have a broad and vibrant array of organizations that provide support to entrepreneurs and microbusinesses. As the statewide association for microenterprise development, members of the MNM provide entrepreneurial training, business consulting, mentoring and access to capital in every Michigan county. Are you a veteran hoping to start a business? A high school student looking to grow your lawn care business? A baker, hair stylist, artist, mechanic or tech-based entrepreneur? Do you need help with the basics, or advice on specific and more advanced aspects of your business? For any type of entrepreneur in any business stage in every part of the state, the MNM resource directory can help.

CEDAM and the MNM believe that entrepreneurial education and resources are critical to the success of our microbusinesses, and ultimately the strength of our economy. They transform ideas into realities for businesses and communities. To access the resource directory visit

Questions? Comments? Need additional assistance? Interested in contributing to our resource directory? Contact Claire Glenn at