Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

by Lisa Benck, CEDAM’s Communication and Training Associate.

A member I spoke with recently works with a foreclosure assistance organization and has been trying to figure out how to use Photoshop for some promotional work she was assigned. It was completely out of the scope of her skill set and she was frustrated trying to figure it out on her own. These types of challenges are becoming more common within organizations, who try to best utilize their available staff and resources to serve their mission. Because she connected with CEDAM, she found out about our technical assistance services.

The broader picture of finances and strategic planning can be even more intimidating to those who bring different backgrounds and experience levels to the economic development table. Overcoming these obstacles can be as simple as having a person answer questions and provide direction. With the work that you do, the message is critical and only with a sound structure can this work for the public good be done effectively with opportunities to grow.

It is becoming clear to organizations that a strong communication plan with a clear voice is instrumental to articulating the message, and a solid organizational structure is critical to the security and vitality of future growth. The question is, what do you do when these areas fall outside of your particular areas of expertise?

CEDAM Practitioner members receive a free technical assistance session from CEDAM staff to help improve their website, finances, strategic plan and more. If you need more help, prices are offered so that you can strengthen your organization. Simply call us. If you are not yet a CEDAM member and are interested in learning about the other benefits that a membership offers, please visit us online or call 517.485.3588.

As Steve Jobs said, it is not about technology. It’s about people.

You help your community. We help you.