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My name is Michaelyn Denny; I am the Foreclosure Prevention Intake Specialist at Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services (KNHS). KNHS is a unique non-profit home ownership resource center, whose mission is to revitalize the county’s lower incom neighborhoods. KNHS offers a variety of free services, including foreclosure prevention counseling.  Our counselors are experienced, certified counselors who are dedicated to assisting those facing foreclosure.

The foreclosure crisis hit close to home. I too was forced to face the reality that home foreclosure affects everyone. Last year when a family member was forced to leave their home, make the decision to find an affordable place to live, and face the possibility of having to give up a dearly loved dog, as well as all the unknowns that go along with foreclosure, I felt helpless and saddened that this was happening to them – and to so many other people. Foreclosure does not discriminate. Thankfully, Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services was able to assist my relative, including helping her to relocate to an affordable place for her and her dog to live. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of an organization that helps those facing this same devastating situation, and perhaps other situations preventing them from making their lives better.

When I was approached about the possibility of serving as a Foreclosure Prevention Specialist at KNHS through AmeriCorps, I did not have to think twice. The opportunity to help those in dire need has been one of the most rewarding experiences offered to me. The position is not without its heartache. However, on the days that something good happens for a client, it is a wonderful day. AmeriCorps is to be commended for their efforts in assisting the non-profit organizations, I am extremely fortunate to be a member of AmeriCorps, and for the professional and personal experiences I have gained.

Michaelyn Denny is an AmeriCorps member at the Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services in Kalamazoo.

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