Three Reasons to Renew Your CEDAM Membership

You help your community. We help you. Here’s how:

1. Great Trainings

CEDAM’s 2012 training line-up addresses tough questions including:

  • I have a great idea for the vacant building in my neighborhood – how do I make it happen?
  • Why do our clients keep returning to bad habits?
  • How do we get more diverse participation in our community projects?
  • What makes some communities attract families and professionals while others lose population?
  • Grant funding seems to be drying up. How can we support our programs?

It’s not too late to sign up for our intensive real estate development boot camp (May 8-11), our thought-provoking sessions on working with challenging populations (May 15), authentically engaging your community (May 16) and creating vibrant communities (June 6) and our fund development workshop (Sept. 13-14).

All CEDAM members get significant discounts on these trainings. In addition, Practitioner and Partner organizations get a single-day training free.

2. Exclusive Resources

Whether you need grant opportunities, affordable strategic planning, media contacts for your latest press release or the latest news in rural development, we have you covered.

We issue monthly funding alerts* and e-newsletters on six different topic areas. Our Member Portal has a press kit, a statewide media contacts list, an executive director evaluation template, access to a 87% off GrantStation subscription and more.** For anything else you need, CEDAM staff is happy to help – Practitioners get two free hours of technical assistance, e.g. strategic planning, website development, video production, grant review or nearly anything else you can think of.*

3. Connections

You, more than anyone, know the importance of a connected community. CEDAM members are linked to colleagues around the state through our committees, trainings, events and communications. Your fellow members can help you solve problems, reach new people and even blow off steam (kick back at our membership celebration on April 24 – Practitioners and Partners get a free admission!). CEDAM also connects you to advocacy efforts in Lansing and DC and to dozens of other organizations working toward similar goals.

How to Renew

If you don’t renew by March 31, you’ll be cut off from these benefits, and we’d hate to see that happen! To renew, go to and follow the renewal directions on the home page (check out the help page if you get stuck). Detroit members should renew through CDAD.

*Practitioner members only
**Practitioner and Partner members only