We Need Your Success Stories!
Do you have an example of how a local library, bank, hospital or clinic have been maintained in a rural community using unique local initiatives?  Would you like to have that example highlighted at the Small Town and Rural Development Conference 2012?  Here is your chance; we are soliciting stories for the Conference on April 16-18 at Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, MI.
We will be featuring these stories as part of the “Got ’em, Got ’em, Need ’em…Keeping ’em” session.
Got’em, Got’em, Need’em… Keeping ’em will return by popular demand.  Key businesses and institutions in our communities are like the prized trading cards in a kid’s collection, and we’ll deliver a new set of prized “trading cards” this year of unique ways communities have kept or created iconic businesses and institutions that are both good and valuable to their towns.   This is also an opportunity to nominate examples our attendees may know about. We’re particularly looking for examples of how a local library, local bank and perhaps a local hospital or clinic have been maintained in smaller communities with unique local initiatives.  If you have an example of these or other businesses and institutions saved or created, let us know.
If you have an idea to share, you can email me at glenn@cedamichigan.org!