2012 Season

A note from the producer-

We’re starting this season with a brand new theme song! The song will be online for you to listen to soon. Congrats to the winner of our theme song contest, Tyler Maas.

The Bright Side picks back up this month (February) with a brand new episode on the theme of health. I won’t spoil it for you, but you can look forward to everything from yoga to an amazing program in Grand Rapids helping people change the direction of their lives. Barring any unexpected surprises, the episode should be ready at the end of February / early March. The advisory committee date for this episode is yet to be decided.

In the meantime, the website is getting a few updates. As the quality of the show continues to improve and the number of episodes grows, we are also adding to our TV coverage areas. There is a new section on the website listing the places you can see the show (other than online). That said, if you are reading this and know of a Michigan TV station that may be interested in screening The Bright Side, let me know. The programming is free.